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Gourmet San is a great place to enjoy authentic Cantonese, Chinese. Customers will appreciate the quick delivery and the very well made food. Gourmet San has it all for you, authentic Cantonese, Chinese – all the popular favourites as well as many innovative dishes.

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261 Bethnal Green Road
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king prawn, squid and whelk





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  • I ordered the food at 7pm and the food arrived at 9.30pm, it was a lot later than expected. Other than that the driver did not apologise for being late and could not be bothered to deliver to my door, asked me to come down from my apartment instead when other restaurants never had such request. This isn't a one-off thing, this has happened more than once. They always deliver later than expected time and it seems to be averaging at 1.5h. The food is usually good but since he delivered a lot later than expected, the food has become cold by that point. To sum it up, good sichuan food but slow and unfriendly delivery service. If you're starving and in a hurry do not order from here.


  • Great food, one hour late


  • Best Chinese I've found in the East of London, they take a while to deliver but within the hour


  • Good good and not the usual bog standard fare you get from Chinese takeaways... Some of the dishes my seem a bit too "odd" for some but if you're the adventurous type... Well ;)


  • shocking. after waiting over 90 minutes I phoned the restaurant and they told me it will be another 40 minutes so I have had to cancel. absolutely terrible service


  • My husband and I have been searching for a good Chinese restaurant takeaway and we have found it with Gourmet San! We received notice that the food would be later than expected but then it arrived 20 minutes before that estimate. It was a really delicious meal, with true Szechuan flavours. Only one downside- my husband had to heat his meal up, as it was not hot enough upon arrival. Barely worth mentioning, as everything else was great!


  • I really like their lamb skewer. The food comes in large portion and taste is very authentic. (I am a chinese). Unfortunately, the delivery may take too long and some food arrived code.


  • The food is great when you eat in, but if you order it is awful. Worst take out I've had.


  • I've never had to leave a bad review before but the food was terrible. Don't waste your money. We ordered two prawn dishes, a noodle dish and spring rolls - everything was really bad we hardly touched it. The sauces are a horrible gloopy texture, the prawns tasted awful. The spring rolls were completely limp. I don't know how they managed to get everything so wrong. Oh and it took an hour and a half to come.


  • Ordered food from them yesterday, it was delivered one hour later than the promised time, I had to head out for work when it arrived so I went to work with an empty stomach, it wasn't the first time they delivered food late, and it's always a lot later than promised, to be fair, food is good, that's why I use them, but if you are in a rush or very hungry, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!


  • The food arrived much later than expected, however this is possibly the restaurant we order from that is furthest away from where we live, and I have to say that the food was still warm enough. As well as utterly unique, the food from Gourmet San is delicious - if a bit salty this time - and the portions are generous.


  • The food is awful and service is not good. The boxes are leaking when I received this delivery and some of them are smashed. I will never order from them again.


  • meh


  • Without doubt the worst Chinese food I have ever been served. Corners cut at every opportunity with poor ingredients amd lazy preparation.


  • Not good.